February 09 2017
Many university graduates will tell you that they wish they had someone they could’ve turned to in their adolescence and early 20s for career advice. Maybe it was when they were in high school and started wondering about college. Maybe it was when they were already at university studying Business Administration or Marketing and thinking about their first professional job. Or maybe it was after... Read more >
February 01 2017
University of New York in Prague took home for the second year in a row the prestigious marketing award, Czech Superbrands 2017. Each year, international experts of business, communications, marketing and more evaluate brands on several criteria, such as reputation and brand awareness. After tallying up a certain level of points, the experts award the title of Superbrands to the winner. The... Read more >
January 27 2017
Not all business that courts deal with is as serious as one would think. Below are three unusual cases from England, Italy and the Czech Republic. After reading them, one is less shocked that Shakespeare once wrote: 'The first thing we do, we kill all the lawyers. “Existential Harm” Exasperated by the perennial delays of the State-owned train operator, an Italian teacher... Read more >
January 27 2017
When I teach creative writing classes at the Prague Municipal Library, I often encourage students to create a literary character that has a different worldview from their own. We discuss the way that every person has specific worldviews, whether they are political, economical, social or religious. The key of the exercise is to make students think outside their own social bubble, to work with... Read more >
January 27 2017
Sometimes we take the obvious for granted, and fail to appreciate the potential value in things that seem ordinary and commonplace. For example, it may seem obvious that UNYP students are “international students” at an international institution. But what does it mean to be an international student, and how can appreciating this fact provide students with significant benefits? International... Read more >


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