November 30 2016
In an unpublished study Marek Preiss, Tereza Mejzlíková, et al. focused on cheating behavior and the perception of cheating during university studies as well as attitudes toward cheating in one’s future working environment. University students from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (N=1518) each completed an anonymous questionnaire concerning the perception of cheating and actual cheating... Read more >
November 03 2016
On October 4th, two UNYP students attended the Economia Forum Media conference at the Prague congress centre. The annual conference focuses on the Czech media and marketing environment, and typically attracts over 300 professionals to discuss the state of marketing communications in the Czech Republic. The Department of Communication and Mass Media was graciously given free tickets by Economia,... Read more >
November 03 2016
The Communication and Mass Media department at UNYP, in association with Charles University, will be hosting a pre-conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) in early November. Media Accountability at the Crossroads: European Challenges and Perspectives, organized by the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies of the Austrian Academy of... Read more >
October 26 2016
It is an oft-ignored fact that relaxation, especially in times of stress, is vitally important to your well-being and success. Ideally, you have already learnt to balance your schedule so that you are able to study, partake in an extracurricular activity of your choice and have time to relax. Relaxation in the Czech Republic is taken very seriously, with several options for activities to fully... Read more >
October 21 2016
Wherever we are, we feel that we stand at the end of something and like to dream of the beginning. Here is one such a dream. In prehistoric times, before people started living in tribes, they stayed in bands. While tribes were bound by kinship and territory, and thus relatively static, bands were in constant motion. One imagines hunters tracking their prey in stealth. However, silence runs... Read more >


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