January 21 2021
To be sure, we all like to get our way when we deal with other people, especially if the stakes are personally important to us. This is normal – I mean, who likes to lose? Nonetheless, most of us are reasonable human beings who will usually play by the rules and interact with one another in what most would consider being a “normal” way. Yes, we’ve all known people who were more openly... Read more >
January 05 2021
When you are in the midst of your studies and the majority of the information you receive is from experienced professors whom you respect, or from dense, peer-reviewed journals, it is easy to start thinking that academics know it all, which can feel intimidating. True academics, however, know that there is always more to discover and welcome challenges to their ways of thinking! New hypotheses... Read more >
December 20 2020
Dear Students,   By the time you read this, you will have finished a unique and unexpected journey. For some the first phase, for others the second. Studying online was a journey no one asked for, not you, nor your instructors, nor the school administration. However you choose to reflect on it, whether you disliked it, enjoyed it, or felt neutral about it, you will likely never forget... Read more >
December 19 2020
When members of the public started to resist and protest coronavirus measures, especially in countries that had not been hit hard by the first wave in the pandemic, observers looked to Sweden, despite the country’s high death toll. Sweden had pursued a low-intervention policy, relying more on soft recommendations and requests than hard restrictions. The Swedish light-touch regime tended to stick... Read more >
December 05 2020
Some months ago, we shared some tips on dealing with the tribulations of the ongoing coronavirus phenomenon. At that time we were in the midst of not only the potential dangers of the pandemic itself, but also the stresses of multiple uncertainties – not only the possible sequelae of the disease itself, but also myriad emotional, professional, family, self-esteem, and indirect physical health... Read more >


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