September 29 2022
Well, the summer break is over and it’s time to return to our normal, academic routines.  Yes, we had a great vacation, filled with flexible schedules, maybe lots of travel, unpredictable sleep patterns, sometimes indulgent and undulating food and drink binges, less accountability for time and money, and many other freedom-related realities associated with being “off the leash” for a... Read more >
June 30 2022
In the past decade, our daily lives have been changed by the omnipresence of technology. It has become our “new normal” to give our full attention to our phone the moment we wake up and do the same just before falling asleep. This attachment to our non-stop sources of information and communication gave rise to the concept of digital anxiety and phone separation anxiety concepts (Rodríguez-García... Read more >
May 24 2022
I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised regarding the reason this modest article is being submitted for your kind consideration.  To be brief and to the point, I will pose the following, simple question:  How many of us do not have a mind full of near useless thoughts and concerns that distract us from the truly important things upon which we should focus?  There may some... Read more >
May 23 2022
Games, the Web, and Porn: A Parent's Guide to the Jungle of Digital Childhood and Puberty is the name of a new book by UNYP instructor Michaela Slussareff. Dr. Slussareff teaches in the Communication and Media and Digital Media Arts major, and in the fall will be teaching the History & Theory of New Media class. We asked her a few questions about her new book, and if she lives by the rules... Read more >
April 30 2022
 When asked to contribute to this month’s newsletter, I knew exactly who to feature. In the Spring of 2021, I asked (though maybe “required” is a better word here) my first-year writing students to develop their own commentary piece on the pandemic. To encourage those students to explore their interests and create their own research space, I left the topic open-ended. The only true... Read more >


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