December 19 2019
Martin Pavlíček has a long history at UNYP. Starting out in one of the first Communication Bachelor’s cohorts, he went on to work for some of the most challenging public relations departments in the CEE region. He then returned to UNYP twice – once for a Master’s in Communication, and also an MBA. Unable to face the thought of leaving UNYP for good (and who could blame him?), Martin returned for... Read more >
December 13 2019
Usually, you are a brilliant sort who can come up with solid ideas just by willing them into existence.  Normally, you are a font of creativity, with the gift of awe-inspiring insight and seminal thinking, and a well-earned reputation as the go-to problem-solver.  You are never at a loss for words, and you never lose the capacity for clear, unpolluted thought. But, uh-oh… what... Read more >
December 02 2019
The UNYP MBA is an IACBE-accredited program. It offers the prestige of an American accreditation, and is designed for current and future leaders to fill the gaps in their theoretical and practical knowledge to pull ahead of the competition. The professors who teach in the UNYP MBA programs are our university’s greatest asset; their real-world insights combine with a strong theoretical base to... Read more >
November 22 2019
Most of us think we know what peace is, but people often have very different definitions of this apparently simple word. And although almost everyone would agree that some form of peace—however it is defined—is desir­able, there are often forceful, even violent, disagreements over how to obtain it. Frequently, there is an unstated assumption in peace discourses that peace is universal and... Read more >
November 20 2019
We’ve all been there: a late night with coffee in hand, furiously typing and trying to make sense of an assignment that is due the next morning. We had a week to do this work! Why did we put it off to the last minute? The answer to that question is simple. We’re human. This is how our brain works. You see, procrastination is a habit formed in the brain that many people struggle to overcome. It’s... Read more >


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