June 20 2019
Ever get the feeling that you are being misjudged as a student? That the cards are stacked against you? That you are being falsely accused of inappropriate behavior? Taking the other side’s perspective into consideration is one key to success. We asked some communication and media faculty about typical differences of perspective on sticky issues between professors and students – their answers may... Read more >
June 19 2019
When making the transition from high school to university education, students are often hyper-aware that they are studying towards a major which could have a huge impact on their future . Combining this awareness with the fact that you may be studying with professors who are already successful in your chosen field, and with a student-educator dynamic that differs radically from high school,... Read more >
June 18 2019
The 2018-2019 academic year has been a very important landmark for UNYP. In 2016, new standards for accreditation in tertiary education were approved in the Czech Republic. As a result, all universities operating in the Czech Republic were obligated to re-accredit their programs under the new norms. Over the previous two years, the university administration has worked hard to make all of the... Read more >
May 30 2019
The University of New York in Prague has always been incredibly proud of its graduates. Our vibrant community of more than 3000 alumni has made a significant impact around the globe in business, politics, science, and public life. This month we were excited to host our annual Alumni Reunion, an event which provides an opportunity to enjoy the energy and conversation of great colleagues, mentors,... Read more >
May 28 2019
In our work, study and personal issues, we must sometimes come to grips with the fact that things do not always go completely to plan. On occasion, our best-laid strategies and intentions lie in tatters before us, perhaps due to circumstances beyond our control, but sometimes because we have simply made a mess of it in one way or another… Did we plan well enough? Did we have enough information... Read more >


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