March 27 2019
Prague’s TEDx enthusiasts and TEDxUNYP supporters had to wait a little longer for this year’s event, but it was worth the wait! Previously held in November of each year, the university TEDx event has now moved to its new mid-March slot for 2019 and all future events. TEDxUNYP 2019 did not disappoint, with nine new speakers – including chemists, poets, politicians, students, designers and... Read more >
March 26 2019
Teaching law has never been an easy task, regardless of the specific field you deal with. Of course, different fields of law require a different attitude and slightly different methods, but one unique element is now common to all of them, and must be given special attention. This element is the speed and ease of access to information in the 21st century, including not only the legislation itself... Read more >
March 20 2019
The University of New York in Prague (UNYP), has won the Czech Superbrands award for the fourth year in a row. “Four years in a row says a lot about UNYP and the Czech market for private higher education, we are honored that the Business Brand Council continually recognizes our brand as one of the most recognizable and trusted private universities in Czech Republic” commended Mark Anderson,... Read more >
February 27 2019
If you are a normal human being, then you will not be immune to the temptation of “putting off until tomorrow that which should be done today.”  Despite all our best intentions to be efficient and fruitful, the habit of pushing tasks back until the last minute is all too powerful. Important components of our professional, scholastic, and even personal lives are often not done optimally... Read more >
February 26 2019
Is trauma a major locus of modern human existence? Are our lives pervaded by instances, events, experiences or chains of events and experiences which are significantly traumatic, at an individual and collective level?  And if so, can literature and film become reflectors of this reality? “Trauma Narratives: Points of Departure and Meeting in Psychology, Film and Literature” is engaged... Read more >


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