November 25 2021
For a long time, Africa has been a major focus of my research. My research interests include, inter alia, the modern and contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia, with particular attention to nation-building, nationalism, ethnic identity, ethnic federalism and related issues, the issue of conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, Euro-African relations, and Czechoslovak-African relations. ... Read more >
November 24 2021
Over the past few decades, English-medium universities like UNYP have admitted increasingly diverse groups of students, many of whom speak English as an additional language (Lea & Street, 2010; Thesen, 1997). The transition from high school to university is often challenging, even for students studying in their primary languages (Clerehan, 2002). For students who are studying in an additional... Read more >
October 25 2021
Human rights are under threat around the world. In the modern era, when we have an increasing level of average health, prosperity and education worldwide, why are human rights still under-protected?   There is a tendency to see opportunity as a limited supply, rather than an equation where we can enlarge the pie of resources that we have to share. Once we begin to look... Read more >
October 22 2021
All of us are sometimes the target of frustrating and unfair communicative strategies in our personal and organizational lives. These are often power games, taking the shape of patterns of communication and behavior into which we repeatedly, sometimes unconsciously and sometimes purposefully, find ourselves involved in. They are often not just isolated, random events. The communicators act... Read more >
September 30 2021
For many of us, this semester will be remembered as the semester in which we return to the classroom, after the interlude caused by the COVID alert that forced us to teach our courses using internet-based technologies. I cannot express my joy of being back in a classroom in front of our students. I share with my fellow faculty members the beautiful feeling that is to be in a class in front of... Read more >


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