November 22 2019
Most of us think we know what peace is, but people often have very different definitions of this apparently simple word. And although almost everyone would agree that some form of peace—however it is defined—is desir­able, there are often forceful, even violent, disagreements over how to obtain it. Frequently, there is an unstated assumption in peace discourses that peace is universal and... Read more >
November 20 2019
We’ve all been there: a late night with coffee in hand, furiously typing and trying to make sense of an assignment that is due the next morning. We had a week to do this work! Why did we put it off to the last minute? The answer to that question is simple. We’re human. This is how our brain works. You see, procrastination is a habit formed in the brain that many people struggle to overcome. It’s... Read more >
November 19 2019
The University of New York in Prague has a long history of supporting the healthy and active lifestyles of its students. The university is now pleased to announce that it will take its partnership with AC Sparta Praha to the next level by applying the UNYP name and brand to one of Prague’s largest and most modern multisport facilities. At the start of September, the multisport facility in Prague... Read more >
October 24 2019
I am a graduate of the UNYP class of 2019. I have earned my Master’s in Psychology, and am now supporting UNYP students as an undergraduate academic advisor and graduate coordinator for the School of Psychology. I spoke as a graduate student representative at the 2019 graduating ceremony, reflecting on the UNYP motto, “Educating tomorrow’s leaders.” As UNYP students, faculty, alumni and staff, we... Read more >
October 17 2019
Over the summer, Drs. Audeliz (Audi) Matias (Associate Professor and Mentor, Department of Natural Sciences) and Sheila Marie Aird (Associate Professor and Director of European Academic Programs), began the first phase of their oral history project in Puerto Rico, which is funded by the 2018 Oral History Association Emerging Crisis Oral History Research Grant. The project is titled, “An Oral... Read more >


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