March 24 2021
While writing the headline of this article, questions are storming through my head about the legitimacy of burdening people’s shoulders with even more things to worry about. We are living in trying times, facing unprecedented difficulties, experiencing a mix of fear, uncertainty, despair, even depression. More bad news is the last thing anyone needs. Many of us hope things will soon get back to... Read more >
March 23 2021
It all happened so fast. That is how I remember the transition to online learning last year. First there was news of a mysterious new virus from Wuhan, with stories multiplying throughout January. By mid-March the lockdown was upon us in full force. My first thought then was to change as little as I could. I had no idea how much was about to change.     My first lesson was that... Read more >
February 23 2021
  One of the first assignments in my new ESC class, Social Movements and Linguistics in Fall 2020, was for the students to find out and write about a social movement, consider argumentation strategies used, and to put it into a wider social and historical context. To guide them in their response, I provided them with some questions to address and, as an example, a short text of my own. I... Read more >
January 21 2021
To be sure, we all like to get our way when we deal with other people, especially if the stakes are personally important to us. This is normal – I mean, who likes to lose? Nonetheless, most of us are reasonable human beings who will usually play by the rules and interact with one another in what most would consider being a “normal” way. Yes, we’ve all known people who were more openly... Read more >
January 05 2021
When you are in the midst of your studies and the majority of the information you receive is from experienced professors whom you respect, or from dense, peer-reviewed journals, it is easy to start thinking that academics know it all, which can feel intimidating. True academics, however, know that there is always more to discover and welcome challenges to their ways of thinking! New hypotheses... Read more >


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