June 11 2020
One of the great lessons for career advisors in the aftermath of the Great Recession of 2007-9 was the recession-proof nature of the communications and media industries. Will this be true of the Great Recession of 2020-2021?  Day in and day out, we watch our screens in horror as unemployment figures rise around the globe, and the latest harrowing statistics roll in from economies... Read more >
May 22 2020
How are you coping with the coronavirus lockdown? Great, isn’t it!? A wonderful time to catch up on chores, backlogged reading and writing assignments, or personal relationships?  No?  You mean you don’t like being sequestered away for weeks or months at a time, under unpleasant circumstances, or even with people you don’t like?  Well…It’s not for everyone.... Read more >
May 15 2020
Over the last few months, the University of New York in Prague has made great efforts in managing the transition from campus to virtual instruction. Considering the circumstances, and the serious nature of events, we did our best to help our students conclude their semester and maintain their UNYP experience, no matter... Read more >
Dr. Aird
April 26 2020
From the Desk of Dr. Aird Open letter to the SUNY Empire and UNYP community As I take time to reflect, I continue to consider how we started this semester and where we are at this moment in time. We were all shaken to our core with this unknown, including but not limited to concern for family and friends coupled with the isolation we continue to endure. We were not allowed a practice drill... Read more >
April 18 2020
As I write these thoughts, we collectively co-exist in the unsettling and unending chaos of COVID-19. This global, invisible enemy leaves illness and death in its seemingly indiscriminate wake, with little freedom of movement or from fear. Our collective and individual responses might depend on where we live (the geographic lottery), what natural supports we have (the birth and friendship... Read more >


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