April 27 2017
“From today’s perspective, I am amazed at how I could once arrange a date with my girlfriend without a mobile. It seems so difficult and uncomfortable now, almost impossible. Back then it was not only possible, but I did not feel limited at all.” Michael, 40 Read more >
December 11 2016
The winter exams are upon us. As University of New York in Prague students prepare for their Final Exams of the Fall Semester, we wanted to give you a few tips to help with your studying. With much of the world preparing for a fortnight of fun and festivities, it might not seem the ideal time to pull out those text books and cram into the early hours. That's why we've prepared this... Read more >
October 27 2016
October 19 2016
Before a gauntlet of final exams in May, high school students face a kind of social exam—their prom. In front of parents, teachers and classmates, students strive to put their best foot forward in one of their first steps toward adulthood, while also getting to enjoy a great party.    University of New York in Prague wants to celebrate this milestone and join in on the fun!... Read more >
October 19 2016
On November 5th, the University of New York in Prague together with the UNYP Student Council will be hosting the next installment of TEDxUNYP. Following last year’s success, TEDx is returning back to the University of New York in Prague, this year focusing on creativity, inspiration, vision, originality and fantasies – in two words: “Pure Imagination.” Imagination is the driving force behind our... Read more >


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