May 12 2022
Finding the right book to read can be challenging, and so here at UNYP we have collaborated with the online library Perlego to present the Book of the Month. For this month, we have chosen The Alchemist by Portuguese novelist Paulo Coelho.   We are aware of the fact that everyone has different preferences and book tastes; however, sometimes it is important to get out of your... Read more >
March 07 2022
As J. K. Rowling once said: “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book”. There is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” book – as with music, we all have our own tastes in books. It is important to find a book that appeals to your interests and will please you while reading. Finding the right book can be challenging, so we have prepared a list of five English-language books to try... Read more >
March 01 2022
  William Shakespeare is one of the most renowned playwrights to have ever existed. As well as his plays and poetry, Shakespeare is also known for the many mysteries surrounding his life.    Shakespeare is widely considered to be one of the greatest writers in the history of English literature, although very little information is known about his life, and even his... Read more >
February 18 2021
If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, a respected economist or even an influential politician, The Wealth of Nations should provide you with a basic understanding of political and economic issues. The Wealth of Nations was written by the Scottish philosopher and economist Alan Smith and chiefly discusses Political Economy, which includes the relationships between governments, societies,... Read more >
January 18 2021
It has been a few weeks since the end of the UNYP fall semester, and most of our students are now using Perlego for their studies. Many of them also choose to use the website to read for pleasure, which is an excellent way to relax during the long winter break evenings. Even if you are not majoring in English Language and Literature, you can still enjoy the diverse range of fiction available on... Read more >


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