March 19 2021
Many young people aspire to become social media influencers, but this career path does not have to stand in the way of your university education. Moreover, if you pick your course carefully, your studies could even help your social media career. Working as a full-time influencer is an entrepreneurial venture, after all – a small business with your name as the valuable brand. For example, majoring... Read more >
March 17 2021
The University of New York in Prague is pleased to announce that it will be hosting an online Czech-language seminar for the general public. This webinar will advise parents and students on how best to cope with the online teaching situation, and how to find its positive and useful aspects.  UNYP lecturer Dr. Linda Maruščáková will share psychological strategies and useful tips for pupils... Read more >
January 22 2021
Previously we have talked about organizing and maintaining a professional-looking online presence for current UNYP students and recent graduates. Now it’s time to get more specific and discuss something that is a stumbling block for many young professionals – your LinkedIn profile picture. As you might know from your Marketing or Digital Photography classes, a good photo... Read more >
January 16 2021
Whether you are studying Business, Child Development, or Political Science, all UNYP programs require you to memorize large amounts of information. When you take multiple courses, learning different material simultaneously can be challenging, especially during the exams. Many students feel that their memory is unreliable, but everybody can train and improve their ability to memorize things.... Read more >
January 05 2021
When you are in the midst of your studies and the majority of the information you receive is from experienced professors whom you respect, or from dense, peer-reviewed journals, it is easy to start thinking that academics know it all, which can feel intimidating. True academics, however, know that there is always more to discover and welcome challenges to their ways of thinking! New hypotheses... Read more >


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