May 18 2020
There are thousands of ambitious Czech students who dream of studying in the US, and might now think that the pandemic has ruined their plans. But all is not lost; although these students have seen their study abroad plans interrupted, they still have the opportunity to receive an authentic American education without leaving the Czech Republic. The close partnership between the University of New... Read more >
April 18 2020
As I write these thoughts, we collectively co-exist in the unsettling and unending chaos of COVID-19. This global, invisible enemy leaves illness and death in its seemingly indiscriminate wake, with little freedom of movement or from fear. Our collective and individual responses might depend on where we live (the geographic lottery), what natural supports we have (the birth and friendship... Read more >
April 07 2020
This year’s pandemic has created significant challenges for people and economies all over the world. The circumstances have put millions of people out of work, because unfortunately many jobs cannot be done from a home office. Of course, a lot of these jobs will come back once we overcome the crisis, but if you... Read more >
January 23 2020
After a nine-year revision process, the seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association was finally released in 2019. As with prior iterations, APA 7th offers updates to the style guide with the intent to simplify, clarify, and reflect changes in how academics conduct and report research. It can seem pedantic to students – and perhaps their instructors, too... Read more >
January 22 2020
Don’t worry, this article is not going to be as cynical as the title might at first suggest! But I would like you to ask yourself:  How much time, effort and pure emotional energy do you expend just to keep up with your own perceptions of other people’s attitudes and opinions toward you?  If you are a normal person, you probably pay at least a little attention to the lens through which... Read more >


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