January 16 2020
A degree in psychology can help you better understand yourself and others. It also can significantly enhance your career prospects, providing you with a set of skills suitable for further employment in numerous areas. UNYP psychology graduates have gone on to work as counselors, academic researchers, representatives at NGOs and nonprofits such as UNICEF and European Union diversity programs, and... Read more >
December 13 2019
Usually, you are a brilliant sort who can come up with solid ideas just by willing them into existence.  Normally, you are a font of creativity, with the gift of awe-inspiring insight and seminal thinking, and a well-earned reputation as the go-to problem-solver.  You are never at a loss for words, and you never lose the capacity for clear, unpolluted thought. But, uh-oh… what... Read more >
October 24 2019
I am a graduate of the UNYP class of 2019. I have earned my Master’s in Psychology, and am now supporting UNYP students as an undergraduate academic advisor and graduate coordinator for the School of Psychology. I spoke as a graduate student representative at the 2019 graduating ceremony, reflecting on the UNYP motto, “Educating tomorrow’s leaders.” As UNYP students, faculty, alumni and staff, we... Read more >
October 07 2019
We often hear business leaders and analytics express disappointment about the unfortunate gap between what students learn at higher education establishments and what they are expected to know to be job-ready. In an age of unpredictable changes and constant evolution in the job market, it is hard to argue that the traditional knowledge acquired during a university degree is still relevant. A... Read more >
July 08 2019
Seven years ago, the Psychology Department of the University of New York in Prague held its first student research conference, entitled: “International Student Research Symposium: Building a Global Community in Psychological Science for the 21st Century.” The event drew participants from various European universities, and almost immediately became an annual event. Over the years, the conference... Read more >


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