April 29 2019
In today’s hectic universe it would be difficult to imagine that anyone would be exempt from the stresses and turmoils that are allowed to “poison” our personal, academic and professional lives.  I say “allowed” because the negativities that afflict and distract us from time to time are oftentimes of our own making, or at least of our own perception.  Anais Nin once said that “we see... Read more >
April 24 2019
Your bachelor’s degree in psychology will pass by quickly. During your fourth year of undergraduate studies, you might want to start thinking about whether you should pursue a master’s degree in psychology right away. As in any other field, an advanced degree in psychology can make it easier to advance professionally. However, as a master’s degree costs money, requires a lot of effort and delays... Read more >
February 26 2019
Is trauma a major locus of modern human existence? Are our lives pervaded by instances, events, experiences or chains of events and experiences which are significantly traumatic, at an individual and collective level?  And if so, can literature and film become reflectors of this reality? “Trauma Narratives: Points of Departure and Meeting in Psychology, Film and Literature” is engaged... Read more >
January 29 2019
Too often we get caught up in the day-to-day tensions that arise between our co-workers or fellow students.  Although we ourselves may remain mostly uninvolved in the conflicts that come about through the normal discourse of our activities, the animosities and disputes between our colleagues can be distracting, and even harmful to the objectives of our workplace or classrooms.  For this... Read more >
January 25 2019
I was asked to write an article for "The Chronicle". I thought of writing something about your "future", but then I was told that my article should be two pages long, maximum! The problem is that I don’t even need that much space to talk to you about your future – your parents, professors, friends and even mere acquaintances have already told you a lot about it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised... Read more >


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