December 21 2018
In the Czech Republic, the tolerance for physical punishment is generally high. The Czech courts usually do not punish parents who are physically abusing children. The only meaningful solution is zero tolerance. Clinical psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was interviewed by Týden magazine about physical punishment and its result. According to him, physical punishment... Read more >
December 11 2018
I see it over and over again – my students showing up to class in the middle of a personal crisis. Granted, I teach freshmen, so perhaps that should be no surprise. The stress and drama of adjusting to university, compounded by a seemingly chaotic world, without boundaries, defined by an amorphously digital existence – these things weigh heavily on my students. Yet, the one source of comfort... Read more >
November 12 2018
Stress and anxiety symptoms are common among university students all over the world, and impact on quality of life and academic performance. There’s just so much going on, the pressure to fit in, the pressure to achieve high academic results, the weight of social media and the digital age overall. Additionally, for lots of students, college is the first time living alone, or even living abroad in... Read more >
August 14 2018
The University of New York In Prague offers Bachelor and Master degrees in psychology. Every year, we meet future students at the UNYP Open Days who are interested in a degree in psychology. However, our experience is that not all of them are fully aware of the specifics of a career in this field. As we want potential students to make the right choices considering their future... Read more >
Radek Ptáček gave an interview
June 27 2018
Are people prepared for sudden situations, such as car accidents or terrorist attacks? Psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was invited by discussion program called Rozstřel to talk about dealing with crisis. According to him, most of the people either freeze or start panicking when neither of these options leads to a solution. ‘‘Preparing and training for a crisis can help you with... Read more >


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