Radek Ptáček
June 25 2018
They are manipulative, heartless and they know what you want to hear. Clinical psychologist and UNYP professor Radek Ptáček was interviewed by CHILI-CHILI magazine about psychopaths and their behavior. Radek is a court appointed Forensic psychologist and also Head of the Division for Education with the Czech Medical Chamber. Part of his job is to deal with psychopaths, who can sometimes be... Read more >
Former Prime Minister, Jan Fischer to address UNYP Graduates
June 13 2018
On Friday, June 22nd the University of New York in Prague will hold its 17th annual Graduation Ceremony at Palác Žofín.  The Keynote speaker for the 2018 UNYP Graduation will be the Former Prime Minister of Czech Republic, Jan Fischer. He will address the nearly 150 graduates from more 40 nations, their parents and honored guests. The culmination of a student’s studies is one of the most... Read more >
June 04 2018
UNYP is pleased to announce that the Czech Ministry of Education has formally granted permission to UNYP to continue to offer the programs of its long-standing American partner universities: American Bachelor programs approved In cooperation with State University of New York, Empire State College (USA) Bachelor’s degree programs in: Business Administration Communication &... Read more >
April 26 2018
Have you ever sensed that things are simply not going your way, no matter what you do to make your projects – and your life in general – work as desired?  Are you sometimes at a loss to understand why your efforts come to little effect?  Do you often despair over a feeling that your ideas are getting little to no traction, maybe due to your own lack of confidence? Despair no further... Read more >
April 26 2018
We are only a few weeks away from final exams. Many students are already getting jittery and nervous about how to study and prepare for all the different classes. Being a university student is an opportunity that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. It is a chance to prepare oneself for the real world, make new friendships and ideally mature into a cultured human being. I mention the... Read more >


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