January 29 2018
We’ve all been there – the captive audience of a presenter who shows a long Powerpoint presentation, reads from hundreds of slides and at the end hauls out the classic phrase “I hope you don’t feel tired…!” This is invariably the same presenter who started the presentation with the dread words “I will try to keep it short,” before speaking at great length. When he asks for questions at the end... Read more >
January 29 2018
A quiet, eager man known as Professor Bowman once told me -- a fidgety sophomore petrified by my fear of failure or humiliation – that I should always “Say ‘yes’ first, and think about it later”. He said this was the way to face new opportunities about which I was unsure or potentially underqualified to pursue. Though still a little fidgety and fairly uncomfortable with failure or humiliation... Read more >
December 21 2017
Graduation came and went. You passed your state exams, and your thesis was a success. Now you’re faced with a difficult decision: Should you continue your education with a Master’s program or should you enter the workforce? This can be a daunting decision to make and is dependent on several conditions including what you intend to do after graduation. To help you navigate this decision, here are... Read more >
May 19 2017
Another mass-marketed trend used to sell products, or the answer to our stress-filled digital lifestyles? Veronika Zavrelova dissects the communication context of 'hygge'.   Read more >
April 27 2017
Many of the great values of digital technologies (probably all) have a shadow side. My view is similar to Jung’s; I do not see these shadows as wholly bad, because they enable us to see the light. If we do not integrate the darker side, the lighter side will seem less bright. We need the instinctive, energetic dark side to benefit from the light side. I will focus on digital technologies,... Read more >


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