April 25 2017
In an article written by Lucie Suchá on April 19th for Mladá Fronta Dnes, University of New York in Prague Professor and Director of the Master’s program in Psychology, Radek Ptáček discusses the topic of psychopaths in today’s society. They don’t feel sympathy, they don’t have a conscience, and they’re controlled by the sense of grandeur. But they are charming and can manipulate people very... Read more >
February 27 2017
Two UNYP alumni  (Tereza Mejzlíková and Jindra Marková /Pitáková/), statistician Jana Maliňáková from NÚDZ and UNYP professor (Marek Preiss) are preparing presentations for the European Congress of Psychology, which will be held in Amsterdam, July 2017. They will present three lectures, the first one on integrity and related constructs based upon the study of blue-collar professions (Tereza... Read more >
January 17 2017
The Child Learning & Development Lab in UNYP’s Center for Advanced Behavioral Research officially opened at Belgická 40, on December 9th, 2016, Research Group Leader and Chair of Psychology department, Edel Sanders, is leading two investigations, with pilot projects slated to run in late Spring and early Fall of 2017.  The Child Learning & Development Lab is modeled after the... Read more >


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