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September 21 2022
Starting a university is an exciting step in your life. However, the beginning of this journey can be quite stressful, especially if you have just left school or decided to study abroad. If you’d like a few pointers on making the most of your first year, we’re here to help!   Your first year is your best chance to get to know your university This place will be your new study... Read more >
August 25 2022
Exchange programs offer students limitless prospects to travel, explore new cultures, have great adventures, and enjoy many other benefits. The University of New York in Prague cooperates with other universities and colleges all over the world to give UNYP students unrivalled opportunities to expand their horizons during their academic pathway. For many students, the prospect of studying... Read more >
August 12 2022
Like it or not, presenting your ideas in class in front of your classmates is a challenge that you will have to face during your studies at UNYP.  Although giving a presentation might be a step out of your comfort zone, we have compiled some useful tips for making presentation skills into a strength – not a weakness! These tips will not only help you at school, but in any career that you... Read more >
August 04 2022
Do you feel unproductive and inefficient when studying in your room? Distracted? We know that feeling all too well, so we have selected some of our favorite places to get your head down and focus. Thanks to the diversity of our beautiful city, there are thousands of co-working spaces and venues in Prague where you can study, work, do your homework or prepare for that important presentation – it... Read more >
July 27 2022
The University of New York in Prague has so many great features, and the Library is definitely one of our favorites. In this article we would like to introduce you to this particularly awesome library – its location, what you can find there, and what it offers to UNYP students. The UNYP Library is located at Londýnská 32, just over the road from the main UNYP campus. Very convenient! The... Read more >


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