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March 03 2022
Unfortunately, Prague sees very little snow during the winter months, so Czechs go to the mountains to enjoy their favorite sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the mountains in the Czech Republic that you can visit. Exploring the Czech mountains is a perfect outdoor activity for the weekend. The Czech Republic is a comparatively... Read more >
February 15 2022
Learning is a fundamental part of the education process, and learning through life experiences is simply part of being human. You will have noticed that it is far easier to learn the lyrics of a song than fifteen pages of Business Management. This can be explained by psychological and biological theories; the human brain finds some kinds of information easier to retain than others. ... Read more >
February 07 2022
On Friday, February 4th a Club Fair took place in the UNYP Auditorium. This was an event organized by the Student Council and their Clubs Coordinator specifically for students to meet and talk to club representatives and sign up for clubs and teams. Students also received information about how to create a new club about upcoming events organized by the clubs, such as workshops, gatherings,... Read more >
January 31 2022
As we embark upon spring semester, let us remember the power of hope, as embodied in the dormant blossoms that will open their petals as soon as the season and warm weather allow.  Particularly during this challenging time, we need a valuable tool to uplift our spirits and motivate our minds. We could view hope as a passive, elusive state of being, in which we might have positive... Read more >
January 25 2022
How many of us believe that creativity is the exclusive domain of artists, politicians, planners, and other people who need to be able to create solutions, sometimes fairly quickly? On the other hand, Rod Judkins ( suggests that creativity is for everyone, regardless of position or responsibility. Pursuant to this suggestion, he offers five ways in... Read more >


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