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President Ilias Foutsis
June 14 2018
Dear Class of 2018, For more than 20 years now, the University of New York in Prague has been a leading institution of its kind in Czech Republic and Central Europe, this year we celebrated these 20 years and today we celebrate your part in the next 20 years of history.  To all of our graduates from all programs I wish you the deepest congratulations for your achievements in becoming the... Read more >
May 29 2018
On May 18th, 2018 the University of New York in Prague celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Prague Congress Center, Zoom. The event was a culmination of 20 years of excellence in education and success as institution that celebrated UNYP alumni and students alike. The event was attended by nearly 600 guests including students, alumni, many honored guests from partner institutions, ambassadors... Read more >
May 15 2018
“I want to do with you what Spring does with the cherry trees” - Pablo Neruda Spring is blooming as well as love. I think that you must have heard this cliche many times before. Although the connection of love and Spring is a repeatedly discussed topic, we can agree that there must be some truth about it. So take a chance with this beautiful weather and take your beloved half or dating partner... Read more >
vegan food prague
May 15 2018
In a castle far, far away, there is a vegan restaurant on the tallest floor of the tallest tower where people from across the land could dine on veggie burgers and sweet dumplings, all while washing it down with a cold beer. Ok, so maybe it's not that far, and it probably isn't in the tallest tower of the land, but Vegan’s Prague is definitely one of my favorite gems of the city to enjoy good... Read more >
April 26 2018
Have you ever sensed that things are simply not going your way, no matter what you do to make your projects – and your life in general – work as desired?  Are you sometimes at a loss to understand why your efforts come to little effect?  Do you often despair over a feeling that your ideas are getting little to no traction, maybe due to your own lack of confidence? Despair no further... Read more >


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