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January 20 2022
The people who surround you influence your mindset and behavior greatly. As a result, spending time with successful, driven or motivated people can make you more successful, driven and motivated yourself. This is one of the most important benefits of studying at UNYP: not only will you meet classmates from over 60 countries, exposing yourself to different cultures and worldviews, but you can also... Read more >
December 29 2021
(Especially when everything seems to be Priority 1)   Here’s one that almost all of us have faced at one time or another: A mass of work or projects to accomplish, limited time available, and every task and every project pushing to be Priority 1! As the work stacks up and we get farther and farther behind, the overload of considerations associated with each task begins to... Read more >
December 15 2021
Studying abroad at UNYP can bring many unforgettable experiences. Of course, you will meet classmates from over 60 countries and learn their culture, but while you are in the Czech Republic, you have the opportunity to learn about Czech traditions as well. For those of you who will be staying in Prague in December, we have a comprehensive overview of Czech holiday traditions at this magical time... Read more >
September 30 2021
For many of us, this semester will be remembered as the semester in which we return to the classroom, after the interlude caused by the COVID alert that forced us to teach our courses using internet-based technologies. I cannot express my joy of being back in a classroom in front of our students. I share with my fellow faculty members the beautiful feeling that is to be in a class in front of... Read more >
September 29 2021
Well, it’s been a long year and a half, and it would appear that we are finally (if slowly) emerging from the worst of the pandemic era. The education system seems to be trying to re-establish itself with more structure than we have seen since early 2020, and the promise of actually being able to attend classes once again becoming more and more of a reality. Some people of influence have even... Read more >


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