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March 19 2021
Many young people aspire to become social media influencers, but this career path does not have to stand in the way of your university education. Moreover, if you pick your course carefully, your studies could even help your social media career. Working as a full-time influencer is an entrepreneurial venture, after all – a small business with your name as the valuable brand. For example, majoring... Read more >
February 17 2021
Being able to go eat physically at a restaurant or a bistro is a luxury nowadays. Due to government restrictions, most eateries have temporarily changed into food delivery service, which might be costly for a student budget. Of course, eating out is one of the pleasures of the Prague experience. There are many hip and trendy restaurants around UNYP that you can enjoy, however... Read more >
February 10 2021
An internship is one of the most productive and beneficial ways in which you can spend your free time while studying at UNYP. A good internship should give you an opportunity to test and develop yourself in a real work environment – you shouldn’t be making coffee for your full-time colleagues, but keep in mind that internships are mostly considered as training, so your impact on the company will... Read more >
February 08 2021
The University of New York in Prague offers a unique study experience, in which you can obtain both American and European degrees right in the middle of Europe. UNYP’s central location, paired with programs such as Erasmus+ and Exchange, attracts students from across Europe, Asia, and even the Americas. As a result, the UNYP community is a melting pot of diverse cultures,... Read more >
February 04 2021
During their university years, students tend to grow and learn the most intellectually and socially. Some describe their university studies as a highlight of their life. During your time as a college student, you can create long-lasting friendships, find future business partners, and even begin a romantic relationship. At UNYP, these experiences are magnified by the international community.... Read more >


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