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May 19 2017
Have you ever been bored?  Have you ever felt as if you were stuck in an excitement “rut” because you believed you were limited in your social skills, or were simply afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone?   Read more >
May 09 2017
UNYP has always placed a strong value on the hirability of its graduates. Organizing events like Career Week, as well as suporting our students and alumni in their careers and other related activities to succeed on the job market is one of our key goals. This year, more than 25 Czech companies participated in Career Week, which took place in early April. Representatives from... Read more >
May 03 2017
On April 1, The Model United Nations Society at UNYP was honored to host their very first Model UN conference aimed at high school students and organised by Arina Rossikhin (4th year, IER/BA) and Anastasia Latenkova (4th year, IER). Among the schools participating were Prague British School, International School of Prague, Deutsche Schule Prag and Pražské Humanitní Gymnázium. The day-long... Read more >
May 02 2017
You just arrived in the Golden City for a study abroad semester. You wear skinny jeans and plaid shirts. Maybe some thick-framed glasses. As a newly international student, you don’t know where to go for entertainment, shopping, and just hanging out. If you consider yourself part of the hipster culture, you’ll be happy to know that Prague has all your needs covered. Here’s our hipster guide to... Read more >
March 21 2017
It might seem a little early to start thinking about next year’s CFA Institute Research Challenge, but if you’re studying Business Administration or Finance or getting an MBA in Finance and Banking, now is a good time to start planning. The CFA Institute Research Challenge is a global competition where students from universities and colleges all over the world get a chance to be financial... Read more >


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