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October 13 2020
In previous years, UNYP always organized Halloween celebrations: the Student Council threw a great party, and the Psychology Club held a movie night which was open to everyone, with pizza, drinks, and fun games and entertainment. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone Halloween activities this year – we know you will understand that due to the current... Read more >
October 05 2020
University life can be difficult and stressful for new students, as they come from all around the globe to the University of New York in Prague, and find that they need to adjust to life in this beautiful city while delving into a challenging new curriculum. What if we told you that a few simple life hacks can help you have the... Read more >
October 03 2020
It has now been a month since the start of the fall semester at the University of New York in Prague. As most of our students have been using Perlego to acquire textbooks for their classes, many have forgotten that you can also use the website to find a book to read for pleasure, sit with a cup of tea, and enjoy the journey. Of course, all of us – UNYP students, professors, and everyone else –... Read more >
September 25 2020
During the past five years, TEDxUNYP has curated and produced over 40 excellent TEDx talks, with some reaching over 1 million. In anticipation of our next TEDxUNYP event, which will happen on November 21st, we have decided to launch a series of interviews with TEDxUNYP speakers to find out how this experience has impacted their careers and personal lives, and what their current projects and... Read more >
September 22 2020
Well, by now I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Coronavirus (it was in all the newspapers!) In fact, I doubt that any other topic in recent memory has captured the attention of the world’s peoples in such a universal and negative manner. In the minds of most people, the news coming from almost all media outlets, as well as the multiplicity of officials who are supposed to be looking after the... Read more >


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