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February 10 2021
An internship is one of the most productive and beneficial ways in which you can spend your free time while studying at UNYP. A good internship should give you an opportunity to test and develop yourself in a real work environment – you shouldn’t be making coffee for your full-time colleagues, but keep in mind that internships are mostly considered as training, so your impact on the company will... Read more >
February 08 2021
The University of New York in Prague offers a unique study experience, in which you can obtain both American and European degrees right in the middle of Europe. UNYP’s central location, paired with programs such as Erasmus+ and Exchange, attracts students from across Europe, Asia, and even the Americas. As a result, the UNYP community is a melting pot of diverse cultures,... Read more >
February 04 2021
During their university years, students tend to grow and learn the most intellectually and socially. Some describe their university studies as a highlight of their life. During your time as a college student, you can create long-lasting friendships, find future business partners, and even begin a romantic relationship. At UNYP, these experiences are magnified by the international community.... Read more >
January 24 2021
Choosing where to go to university is one of the most significant decisions you will make, and there are several factors to consider. As Covid-19 impacts the opening of campuses in the spring, this decision has become more complicated, particularly when considering attending a university far from your home. However, the world’s pandemic situation ... Read more >
January 22 2021
Previously we have talked about organizing and maintaining a professional-looking online presence for current UNYP students and recent graduates. Now it’s time to get more specific and discuss something that is a stumbling block for many young professionals – your LinkedIn profile picture. As you might know from your Marketing or Digital Photography classes, a good photo... Read more >


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