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January 16 2021
Whether you are studying Business, Child Development, or Political Science, all UNYP programs require you to memorize large amounts of information. When you take multiple courses, learning different material simultaneously can be challenging, especially during the exams. Many students feel that their memory is unreliable, but everybody can train and improve their ability to memorize things.... Read more >
January 15 2021
The UNYP community is very progressive, and many of our students and faculty have embraced the vegan lifestyle over the past few years. Prague has a burgeoning vegan scene, with new cafes, restaurants, and shops opening around town. If you walk into any restaurant in the Czech capital, you are more likely than ever to see items marked VE... Read more >
December 05 2020
Some months ago, we shared some tips on dealing with the tribulations of the ongoing coronavirus phenomenon. At that time we were in the midst of not only the potential dangers of the pandemic itself, but also the stresses of multiple uncertainties – not only the possible sequelae of the disease itself, but also myriad emotional, professional, family, self-esteem, and indirect physical health... Read more >
November 23 2020
These days, all hiring managers look at the social profiles of candidates before making hiring decisions – but they aren’t just looking for obvious cases of bad behavior! In addition, they want to make sure that what they find online reflects well on the candidate as a potential employee. You need to stand out on paper, in person, and online in today’s competitive job market. What’s more, as a... Read more >
November 18 2020
The University of New York in Prague has long been committed to educating young people to compete in the global economy. For this reason, we are proud to be affiliated with Junior Achievement in the Czech Republic, one of the largest Czech organizations that helps train young people for fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurship. As UNYP enters into a brand-new relationship with Junior... Read more >


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