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January 20 2022
The people who surround you influence your mindset and behavior greatly. As a result, spending time with successful, driven or motivated people can make you more successful, driven and motivated yourself. This is one of the most important benefits of studying at UNYP: not only will you meet classmates from over 60 countries, exposing yourself to different cultures and worldviews, but you can also... Read more >
May 20 2021
Juggling an active professional career with university study is a challenging and admirable way of life. You might recognize our student Adam Musil in quite a different context – while Adam has just completed his first year at UNYP studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, he is also a professional hockey player for Bilí Tygři Liberec. Adam is a member of the Czech... Read more >
May 05 2021
Influencers are often judged for what they do, and influencing is seldom taken seriously as a career option – especially when it comes to older generations, who are not digital natives. The general opinion is that influencers don’t really know what they want to do with their lives beyond posting nonsense on social media. While it might be true that many young people are interested in this career... Read more >

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