June 17 2017
You open your eyes and find yourself along with a few others in a spaceship on the edge of the galaxy. Everything around you is falling apart. You and your teammates have an hour to solve puzzles, stabilize a reactor, shoot robots and learn how to fly in zero gravity in order to survive. This is just one of many virtual escape games offered by Torch VR, the largest and most exclusive Virtual... Read more >
May 19 2017
Have you ever been bored?  Have you ever felt as if you were stuck in an excitement “rut” because you believed you were limited in your social skills, or were simply afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone?   Read more >
May 19 2017
Another mass-marketed trend used to sell products, or the answer to our stress-filled digital lifestyles? Veronika Zavrelova dissects the communication context of 'hygge'. Read more >
May 03 2017
On April 1, The Model United Nations Society at UNYP was honored to host their very first Model UN conference aimed at high school students and organised by Arina Rossikhin (4th year, IER/BA) and Anastasia Latenkova (4th year, IER). Among the schools participating were Prague British School, International School of Prague, Deutsche Schule Prag and Pražské Humanitní Gymnázium. The day-long... Read more >
April 27 2017
Have you ever wondered what is happening when you don’t get an immediate answer? When the person on the other side is just not responding quickly enough for you? Think about it for a second. Read more >


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