February 15 2021
To fully understand all political happenings in 2020, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, US elections, Trump impeachment or WHO dealing with a global pandemic, one needs to posses wide political knowledge and critical thinking. Not having these attributes might result in a dramatic decline in stability of the society. To prepare future generations for a world with rapid developments in... Read more >
January 26 2021
Over the past ten years, we have seen the rise of Digital Media Arts as an area of study and work. The heavy use of social media worldwide has created a new demand for creative professionals who understand how to work with text, photos, graphics, audio, and video, using innovative strategies to produce successful digital content.  Why... Read more >
January 21 2021
To be sure, we all like to get our way when we deal with other people, especially if the stakes are personally important to us. This is normal – I mean, who likes to lose? Nonetheless, most of us are reasonable human beings who will usually play by the rules and interact with one another in what most would consider being a “normal” way. Yes, we’ve all known people who were more openly... Read more >
January 16 2021
Whether you are studying Business, Child Development, or Political Science, all UNYP programs require you to memorize large amounts of information. When you take multiple courses, learning different material simultaneously can be challenging, especially during the exams. Many students feel that their memory is unreliable, but everybody can train and improve their ability to memorize things.... Read more >
December 17 2020
On November 25, the University of New York in Prague welcomed Ondřej Staněk as a guest presenter, with a webinar focused on a very topical subject: Presentations in the Virtual Environment. Ondřej Staněk works as a consultant for speakers who are preparing for international and domestic conferences, helping multinational companies and individuals to present their products and services... Read more >


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