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June 29 2020
As one of the safest countries in the European Union, the Czech Republic is now lifting its lockdown restrictions, and Prague’s museums and art venues are reopening for business. Art provides people with an opportunity to broaden their life perspective; whether you study Finance, Sports Management, or Information Technology, developing your visual and conceptual... Read more >
June 15 2020
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, personal safety has been a widely-discussed topic in world news. The global health crisis has developed rapidly since the start of the year, with governments and societies taking dramatic actions and making far-reaching changes. As the situation forces millions of students to... Read more >
May 28 2020
From Bachelors to Masters, all students crave sweets once in a while. Of course, we all know that desserts should be consumed in moderation, but as we have previously shared our favorite healthy breakfast and affordable lunch spots around the UNYP campus, we thought that a little indulgence would not hurt. Of course, all of our favorite cafes serve coffee and... Read more >
May 18 2020
There are thousands of ambitious Czech students who dream of studying in the US, and might now think that the pandemic has ruined their plans. But all is not lost; although these students have seen their study abroad plans interrupted, they still have the opportunity to receive an authentic American education without leaving the Czech Republic. The close partnership between the University of New... Read more >
April 09 2020
In the Czech Republic, Easter is celebrated on a set of dates, though every year it will be the first Sunday after the first spring moon - the cultural tradition has remained the same since pagan times. However, Easter will look very different this year for many people across the country. As the Czech national quarantine continues, all traditional Easter celebrations are not going to... Read more >


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