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February 20 2019
While minimalism started as a reaction to our consumption-based society, the minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. The key to minimalism is your mindset. To be a minimalist, you must learn to become comfortable with simplicity and separate “want” from “need” in your life. It’s not about forcing yourself to own fewer things, but more about finding the satisfaction in owning less... Read more >
January 15 2019
The holiday season is over, and we still have a few weeks of winter ahead of us, but that’s no reason to hole up at home. Here is our pick of the best five Prague exhibitions to see this winter — get your dose of culture indoors, away from the cold! In Prague, you’re never too far from museums, galleries, theaters, and other cultural sites, and a single visit to a museum or a gallery can expose... Read more >
January 03 2019
Although many students choose Prague as their study abroad destination for the stunning architecture, fascinating history, and affordable lifestyle, not all of them realize that the Czech capital is also a fantastic destination for music and theater aficionados. Whether you’re studying Business  Administration or IT Management, live theater and music performances can feed your emotional... Read more >
January 02 2019
Prague awaits! From magnificent architecture through characterful local districts to tasty local food, there is so much waiting for you to enjoy. However, before beginning your journey, remember this is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, not just a vacation. While studying abroad, you will interact with your surroundings far more deeply than a tourist would, as you... Read more >
December 12 2018
Can you believe that the semester is almost over?! Are you going home for the winter break, or expecting your family to visit you in the Czech Republic? Either way, it might be a good idea to grab a few local souvenirs for your parents, relatives and close friends, especially if they haven't been to Prague before. You chose a fantastic destination to study abroad! Prague is famous for its... Read more >


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