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September 18 2017
You might not know it, but 21 September is known as International Peace Day. The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is meant to promote the concept of peace throughout the world. Many countries and organizations, including the United Nations, observe this day. You don’t have to study Intercultural Communication or International and Economic Relations to contribute to world peace. Here are... Read more >
June 20 2017
Summer is here and that means many things if you’re studying abroad in Prague. It means long afternoons in some of the most beautiful parks in Europe. It means evenings spent strolling the city’s cobblestone streets for Church Night or Museum Night. And it means summer cinema! If you need to take a break from studying Financial Accounting or English Composition at University of New York in... Read more >
May 02 2017
You just arrived in the Golden City for a study abroad semester. You wear skinny jeans and plaid shirts. Maybe some thick-framed glasses. As a newly international student, you don’t know where to go for entertainment, shopping, and just hanging out. If you consider yourself part of the hipster culture, you’ll be happy to know that Prague has all your needs covered. Here’s our hipster guide to... Read more >
April 11 2017
Let’s face it. If you didn’t see it on Instagram, it didn’t happen. Students who study abroad know that one of the many perks of exchange programs is access to all the beautiful sites a European city like Prague has to offer. And beautiful sites means beautiful photos to post so your friends and family can keep up with your international adventures. Here’s our picks for the some of the best... Read more >
March 19 2017
University of New York in Prague student Tereza Dusikova is no stranger to travel. Currently studying Communications and Mass Media, Tereza had trotted all over the globe before she decided to study abroad in Malaysia as part of UNYP’s exchange program. What she found there was the perfect complement to her classes at UNYP. For the Fall semester, Tereza studied Event Management and Design at... Read more >


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