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December 02 2016
When you study abroad, there are times when you’ll find yourself opting for a holiday getaway instead of the familiar hometown celebration. Why not? Part of the reason you decided to study in Prague in the first place was to experience rich cultural traditions of other countries. Whether you're studying Business Adminsitration or Communications & Mass Media, everyone needs a change of... Read more >
December 02 2016
Before November was over, the garlands were going up and the holiday decorations were appearing in store windows. Sometimes, the best part of studying abroad is witnessing a familiar holiday through a new cultural lens. Here’s a look at some of the best, and most interesting holiday events in Prague.  Christmas Markets By far, the biggest appeal of Prague during the holiday season... Read more >
November 19 2016
Studying abroad doesn’t have to mean missing out on your favorite holidays, and Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to bring together your new friends to share in a traditional feast! Whether you’re looking to recreate your favorite holiday, or you’re just in it for the football and turkey, Prague has everything you need to create your own Thanksgiving experience. BUY YOUR TURKEY First... Read more >
October 26 2016
It is an oft-ignored fact that relaxation, especially in times of stress, is vitally important to your well-being and success. Ideally, you have already learnt to balance your schedule so that you are able to study, partake in an extracurricular activity of your choice and have time to relax. Relaxation in the Czech Republic is taken very seriously, with several options for activities to fully... Read more >
October 20 2016
Much has been written and said on the subject of independence, but it is never as relevant as when it directly affects you.  Starting a university degree is considered, in many cultures, and especially the Western world, to be the first stepping-stone towards the ultimate goal of being independent. You have chosen a path that you will follow in life, gaining the necessary knowledge to be... Read more >


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