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September 10 2018
The quality of life that we experience when living and studying in Prague is fundamental to how we feel about the city – and to how the capital is viewed from the outside. The way we behave in Prague today will directly affect the quality of life of its future generations, and their view of how successful we have been in our maintenance of the city. Prague is not at the top of the... Read more >
September 05 2018
Starting university or coming back to the classroom after a summer break? With the help of our personal experience of living and dining in Prague, we’ve assembled this collection of simple recipes for UNYP students that will help them to create a healthier school-week menu and save some money. These five recipes consist of simple ingredients, do not require fancy kitchen appliances, and are easy... Read more >
August 31 2018
Prague is not as pricey comparing to London or New York, but can you live comfortably here on a student budget? The answer is yes, and these tips will help you avoid asking your parents for more pocket money. Please keep in mind that living costs may vary depending on your accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending habits, but with careful planning and price comparison, you can make the most... Read more >
August 20 2018
A UNESCO World Heritage Site with Renaissance and baroque architecture from 1500, an impressive fortress complex and owner of one of the last two remaining baroque theatres in Europe, all this and more is Český Krumlov. The leading destination of the Bohemian region carries on as the Czech Republic's most charming location. Let´s begin with the location. Český Krumlov is located in the... Read more > program comes to UNYP
August 20 2018
Continuing in its commitment to provide students with a transformative, multicultural, and impactful education, the University of New York in Prague is proud to be partnering with Northeastern University and to launch the Czech Republic program this Fall. Northeastern University is ranked in U.S. News & World Report University Rankings as the 40th best university in... Read more >


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