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March 16 2017
While many flock to Prague for the beautiful architecture, stunning historic sights and affordable activities, most don’t realize that the so-called Golden City is also an amazing destination for business and entrepreneurs. In a 2017-2016 study by 2ThinkNow, an agency that measures locations around the world for innovation, Prague ranked 24 out of 168 cities worldwide. Maybe you’re studying... Read more >
February 27 2017
Prague is on the rise when it comes to international students! The Golden City ranks 26th, jumping 13 places from last year, as one of the best places for students to study abroad, according to a recent survey by QS Best Student Cities. The beautiful capital of the Czech Republic is still building its reputation as a go-to destination, the survey says, but its affordability and proximity to... Read more >
February 27 2017
Great business minds think alike, which is why it’s great to announce that two top-notch private schools, University of New York in Prague and Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts, are teaming up in a new exchange program. Starting Fall 2017, the program will select two undergraduates to participate as exchange students. Founded in 1815, Nichols College is located an hour from the city... Read more >
January 27 2017
Sometimes we take the obvious for granted, and fail to appreciate the potential value in things that seem ordinary and commonplace. For example, it may seem obvious that UNYP students are “international students” at an international institution. But what does it mean to be an international student, and how can appreciating this fact provide students with significant benefits? International... Read more >
January 17 2017
When University of New York in Prague student Jakub Slabina first arrived in Bangkok in January 2016, he wasn’t sure what to expect. The International and Economic Relations major had never set foot in Asia. His friends told him that he was going to have a hard time. Jakub was used to studying in Prague. He was too tidy and too organized to fit in with the city he had selected for his exchange... Read more >


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