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May 12 2016
Are you a true bookworm interested to study abroad? Do not look any further than Prague! Why? Because in this “City of a thousand spires” the spirits of world famous authors join you as you wander through the narrow streets, sit quietly to contemplate or read at locations that will take your breath away. Check out our three top tips! Read more >
April 18 2016
Are you considering study abroad in Prague? For centuries, Prague has been affectionately dubbed the Heart of Europe, the City of a Hundred Spires or even Praga Mater Urbium – the Mother of Cities – and its unique charm has recently earned it the title of the 6th best destination in the world! Read more >
April 15 2016
Spring is not only the season when Mother Nature awakens from her winter sleep. Students have passed well into the semester and have plenty of time still until the next exam period. If you are looking for a great place to study abroad, you are still new to the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), or enjoying your first Prague experience, check out our 3 event tips you definitely dare not miss... Read more >
March 18 2016
As Prague welcomes this year's spring, you will be amazed with the Easter celebrations just around the corner. During this time Prague is resplendent with colorful, dazzling Easter markets, as it draws draw closer and closer to the big day. Beneath the orange-tinged roofs, people busy themselves baking delicious goodies in the form of the symbolic Easter lamb. The tantalizing aroma signals... Read more >
March 10 2016
Studying in Prague affords a great many opportunities, one such is the opportunity to study with your friends in some of the most stylish cafés in Europe. Cultural, friendly and cheap; discover in this article the best cafés for students. 1. Cafedu Founded by a Czech student who imported the concept of a study hall cafe from England, at Cafedu students have at their disposal free Wi-Fi and... Read more >


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