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October 20 2016
Much has been written and said on the subject of independence, but it is never as relevant as when it directly affects you.  Starting a university degree is considered, in many cultures, and especially the Western world, to be the first stepping-stone towards the ultimate goal of being independent. You have chosen a path that you will follow in life, gaining the necessary knowledge to be... Read more >
October 10 2016
As a diligent university student, we are sure you have already considered the option of applying for an internship during your studies. An internship can be your stepping stone into a full-time position after the successful completion of your studies, and it can teach you the empirical application of the knowledge you gain at university; it also allows you the opportunity to glimpse inside a... Read more >
September 26 2016
No matter if you’re studying psychology, international relations or business, your college experience will be inextricably linked to your location. Being a student in Prague is an incredible experience – not everyone can say that their university is located in a building that was built in the early 20th century (or even earlier)! However, in the interests of culturally educating yourself (equally... Read more >
September 15 2016
The benefits of multiculturalism are plentiful and plentifully documented, but when speaking in terms of hard facts, what are the tangible benefits for you? Studying a program that attracts many international students has a veritable cornucopia of advantages. Below, we’ve listed some of the ones we consider to be most important. Culturally aware individuals The first, and arguably the most... Read more >
September 06 2016
Regardless of the degree you’re studying for, you are likely to be in Prague for quite some time.  Prague, undoubtedly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, offers ample attractions, ranging from the architectural to the theatric. You’ve seen Prague castle, the Astronomical Clock Tower, and taken a leisurely stroll through the Petřín gardens. You may have even seen some of Prague’s... Read more >


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