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December 22 2015
The Czech Republic has been rated as one of the top ten safest countries in the world! Read more >
December 08 2015
Many would say that Prague and the Czech Republic is at its best in the spring, when the flowers burst into life, birds sing enthusiastically and the parks and countryside look resplendent in bloom. Read more >
December 02 2015
If this is your first year studying in Prague, then get ready for a unique and magical Christmas experience! No other capital city can offer Prague’s snow covered alleyways, twinkling lights and quirky festive traditions. Expect the city to be full of Christmas spirit from November 29th (which marks the start of Advent) and read on for our guide to Christmas in Prague. Make sure you don’t miss a... Read more >
October 22 2015
In a country whose holiday traditions involve a chain-swinging devil and whipping ladies with tree branches it’s no surprise that the Czechs put on a killer Halloween. Whether your perfect Fright Night involves a night home carving pumpkins, over-the-top costume parties or running screaming from a pack of zombies, you’ll find Prague offers something for everyone. Here’s our complete guide to... Read more >
September 25 2015
Outside of Prague the Czech Republic is filled with beautiful villages, winding rivers and mountaintop castles. Here are our top three Czech getaways that mustn’t be missed while you’re studying at UNYP, just make sure to pack your camera! For nature and thrills in South Bohemia Situated about 200 kms from Prague on the top peak of a popular ski resort, Lipno’s Treetop Walkway and... Read more >


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