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January 15 2021
The UNYP community is very progressive, and many of our students and faculty have embraced the vegan lifestyle over the past few years. Prague has a burgeoning vegan scene, with new cafes, restaurants, and shops opening around town. If you walk into any restaurant in the Czech capital, you are more likely than ever to see items marked VE... Read more >
December 18 2020
If you’re an international student who plans to relocate to the Czech Republic to study at the University of New York in Prague, you may be having a hard time adjusting to the local weather – especially if you come from warmer climes. Prague can be a tricky city to wrap your head around, and Czech weather can take some time to adapt to, even though the climate here is milder than elsewhere in... Read more >
December 08 2020
If you were planning to start your degree abroad this fall, there’s a fair chance that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed your plans. Or maybe you’re thinking about higher education opportunities for the coming year, and you’re unsure whether it’s still a reasonable idea to study in Prague or not. We are getting many questions from young people looking into studying at the University of New York... Read more >
October 13 2020
In previous years, UNYP always organized Halloween celebrations: the Student Council threw a great party, and the Psychology Club held a movie night which was open to everyone, with pizza, drinks, and fun games and entertainment. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone Halloween activities this year – we know you will understand that due to the current... Read more >
October 05 2020
University life can be difficult and stressful for new students, as they come from all around the globe to the University of New York in Prague, and find that they need to adjust to life in this beautiful city while delving into a challenging new curriculum. What if we told you that a few simple life hacks can help you have the... Read more >


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