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November 05 2018
Every fall Prague welcomes a new flourish of creative activity. The November evenings are longer and the days are chillier, but that’s no reason to hole up at home. Here's our pick of the five must-see art exhibitions taking place in Prague this month. Expect to be enlightened and inspired! We’ve rounded up all the current art exhibitions from Prague's major galleries and brilliant museums... Read more >
October 10 2018
The world has changed dramatically over the last decades due to to the realities of globalization, which means that Czech universities have had to adapt to this trend. Quite a few higher education establishments in Prague attract students from different countries – for example, at UNYP we have students from over 60 countries and professors from over 25 countries. You might wonder whether students... Read more >
September 29 2018
What does your Instagram feed consist of these days? Fellow UNYP students, friends from back home? Your favorite brands and world-famous influencers?  Many people think that this platform can’t offer anything better than billions, if not trillions, of kittens, other people’s meals, and hidden (or not-so-hidden) ads. Although Instagram has all of the above, if you dig deeper, you can discover... Read more >
September 14 2018
A former vineyard (this is what “Vinohrady” means in Czech), the Vinohrady district has changed dramatically over the years. The neighborhood was once synonymous with the Prague bourgeoisie, but has become a hub for expats and hipsters and is now one of the most popular places to live and go out. What do you know about Vinohrady? The University of New York in Prague perfectly located in the... Read more >
September 10 2018
The quality of life that we experience when living and studying in Prague is fundamental to how we feel about the city – and to how the capital is viewed from the outside. The way we behave in Prague today will directly affect the quality of life of its future generations, and their view of how successful we have been in our maintenance of the city. Prague is not at the top of the... Read more >


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