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September 11 2019
Over the past few years, we’ve shared many useful tips for students interested in study abroad in Prague. Every semester, we are delighted to welcome a new class of international UNYP students  to the Czech capital, and because of this, we feel responsible for letting you know how you can help keep your Study Abroad destination a better, friendlier and more liveable city. After all, cities... Read more >
September 03 2019
Starting a major new project isn’t always easy, so your university orientation needs to be a smooth and positive experience. UNYP Orientation Days should be the perfect opportunity for you to learn about your program, the campus, and most importantly, meet your new classmates. It is the first day for everyone, so don’t be shy, make an effort, and introduce yourself to as many people as possible.... Read more >
August 26 2019
Why study abroad in Prague? For many young people, studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to travel overseas for an extended period as part of their education. Relocating to the Czech Republic – or anywhere else – for a semester is an excellent chance to see a new part of the world, experience an unfamiliar culture, and travel, without taking a break from your university degree. ... Read more >
August 23 2019
You can’t dispute that regular physical activity helps contribute to healthier lives – but did you know that there are a lot of other benefits to participating in university sports? The University of New York in Prague is home to the UNYP Blazers. We represent our university by participating in sporting activities, primarily Football and Floorball.   At UNYP, we believe that sports are... Read more >
August 15 2019
You may not have thought about this before, but your personal safety should be one of the top factors to consider when looking for your Study Abroad destination. The knowledge that you are studying in a safe destination will help persuade your parents to get on board with this idea, and this sense of security will also benefit your studies and your overall academic performance. When you are... Read more >


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