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July 25 2019
It’s finally happening. You’re getting ready for a semester abroad in the best university in Prague! Your parents are on board with this excellent plan. You’ve researched everything you might need to know about this beautiful European city, pre-planned your budget, even figured out where you want to travel for your first long weekend. All you have to do now is pack – and if this is your first... Read more >
July 24 2019
Living in Prague and attending a multicultural university is an invaluable experience, whether you study Communication and Media, Business Administration or IT management. Your education plays a significant role in your future career, but so does your social and cultural experience as a student. By connecting with your UNYP peers, you can establish life-long friendships and potentially find... Read more >
June 28 2019
Naturally, we’ve been dreaming of spending the summer hanging out with UNYP friends at Naplavka, meditating in beautiful parks and public gardens, and gliding down the clear Vltava on a swan-shaped paddle boat. In reality, we all know that sometimes it’s far too hot for outdoor activities, and it’s good to have a few plans that involve a roof over your head. No matter how glorious the weather,... Read more >
June 14 2019
Are you considering study abroad in Prague? Have you already discussed it with your family? For centuries, Prague has been known for its vibrant cultural heritage and unique charm. Over the past decade, Prague has been ranked in hundreds if not thousands of listings as one of the best, safest and most convenient cities for living. Most recently, Prague was listed as one of the 50 Most Beautiful... Read more >
May 24 2019
Whether you are studying abroad in Prague for a semester or receiving your entire degree at the University of New York in Prague, you should consider visiting at least one of these three locations. Summer is a great time to travel around Europe because you don’t need to pack heavy clothes or huddle in a café to warm up. For this blog post, we have picked three interesting and fun destinations for... Read more >


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