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November 04 2019
The midterms are finally behind us, and perhaps you need a change of scenery and some good coffee to keep you motivated through the rest of the semester. UNYP’s new library is convenient, well-stocked and quiet, but some people find that a little background buzz helps us focus.  Luckily, Prague has a great café culture, and some of the city’s best cafés and coffee shops are located near our... Read more >
October 28 2019
Halloween is coming up again, and whether you are enrolled in UNYP's Master's or Bachelor's program, we will help you find a way to celebrate it in Prague the way that suits you best. October 31 falls on a Thursday this year, but you don't have to stay out all night and then shuffle to your Friday lectures like a zombie! Halloween is an increasingly popular holiday in the Czech Republic, and... Read more >
October 02 2019
The fall semester is a great time to begin your Study Abroad experience in Prague. The warm days might be over, but there is still so much to look forward to, as museums and galleries launch major shows, carefully curated over the summer. You have probably noticed the overwhelming variety of cultural events that this city has to offer, such as the Signal festival with its spectacular light... Read more >
September 11 2019
Over the past few years, we’ve shared many useful tips for students interested in study abroad in Prague. Every semester, we are delighted to welcome a new class of international UNYP students  to the Czech capital, and because of this, we feel responsible for letting you know how you can help keep your Study Abroad destination a better, friendlier and more liveable city. After all, cities... Read more >
September 03 2019
Starting a major new project isn’t always easy, so your university orientation needs to be a smooth and positive experience. UNYP Orientation Days should be the perfect opportunity for you to learn about your program, the campus, and most importantly, meet your new classmates. It is the first day for everyone, so don’t be shy, make an effort, and introduce yourself to as many people as possible.... Read more >


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