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March 07 2019
Eggs are among the most nourishing of foods, providing nearly all the vitamins and minerals you need to give your best academic performance. Eating high-protein foods such as eggs for breakfast keeps you feeling full for longer than a bread or cereal breakfast, so you don’t eat so many calories for lunch. According to the 2015-2020 Edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it is safe for... Read more >
February 22 2019
While studying an entire semester abroad at the University of New York in Prague, you will have many exciting moments, worth remembering. Don't miss out on good photo opportunities while exploring the city or traveling around Europe for the first time. And don't worry – it’s not just the Communication and Media students who can take great photos!  Here are some tips to make your Study... Read more >
February 20 2019
Are you looking to do something exciting next semester? Consider the option of Study Abroad in Prague! The University of New York in Prague offers a wide range of courses and an American-style university culture in the heart of Europe. A semester at UNYP is a great way to expand your horizons while fulfilling your degree requirements.  Studying Abroad in Prague is a once in a lifetime... Read more >
February 20 2019
While minimalism started as a reaction to our consumption-based society, the minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. The key to minimalism is your mindset. To be a minimalist, you must learn to become comfortable with simplicity and separate “want” from “need” in your life. It’s not about forcing yourself to own fewer things, but more about finding the satisfaction in owning less... Read more >
January 15 2019
The holiday season is over, and we still have a few weeks of winter ahead of us, but that’s no reason to hole up at home. Here is our pick of the best five Prague exhibitions to see this winter — get your dose of culture indoors, away from the cold! In Prague, you’re never too far from museums, galleries, theaters, and other cultural sites, and a single visit to a museum or a gallery can expose... Read more >


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