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August 06 2018
If you live and study in Prague, you have probably noticed the overwhelming variety of cultural events that this city offers every month. In Prague, art waits for you on every corner, but the local art aficionados know that finding the best exhibitions requires some research. We have saved you the trouble and found the five most captivating art exhibitions that you should visit in Prague this... Read more >
May 15 2018
“I want to do with you what Spring does with the cherry trees” - Pablo Neruda Spring is blooming as well as love. I think that you must have heard this cliche many times before. Although the connection of love and Spring is a repeatedly discussed topic, we can agree that there must be some truth about it. So take a chance with this beautiful weather and take your beloved half or dating partner... Read more >
vegan food prague
May 15 2018
In a castle far, far away, there is a vegan restaurant on the tallest floor of the tallest tower where people from across the land could dine on veggie burgers and sweet dumplings, all while washing it down with a cold beer. Ok, so maybe it's not that far, and it probably isn't in the tallest tower of the land, but Vegan’s Prague is definitely one of my favorite gems of the city to enjoy good... Read more >
May 09 2018
Are you living in or traveling to Prague? Do you love mountains, nature, and are ready for a breathtaking adventure in the Northern Czech countryside? Do I have the day trip for you. Let me show you Bohemian Switzerland. Now that I’ve convinced you; let me show you how I got there. You can take a train from Praha Hl.n. (Prague Main Station) to Decin Hl.n (Decin Main Station) (149 czk~$7.50... Read more >
April 25 2018
Prague is already considered a great city for expatriates and international students studying abroad. Now, it's getting more recognition for tourism. This year, it climbed TripAdvisor’s list of best destinations by two spots compared to 2017, beating New York, Istanbul, and Marrakech. Although many of the Prague's famous sites are under reconstruction, we couldn’t help but agree... Read more >


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