November 18 2020
The University of New York in Prague has long been committed to educating young people to compete in the global economy. For this reason, we are proud to be affiliated with Junior Achievement in the Czech Republic, one of the largest Czech organizations that helps train young people for fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurship. As UNYP enters into a brand-new relationship with Junior... Read more >
November 05 2020
For this month’s Professor Spotlight feature, we talked to Mr. Jakub Lepš. Mr. Lepš is a true polymath: a politician, editorial director and manager (internet news, media monitoring), an experienced analyst (U.S. politics, U.S. foreign policy, U.S.-Chinese relations, modern China), and a UNYP lecturer. Mr. Lepš kindly agreed to give... Read more >
November 01 2020
On October 15, we had the great opportunity to host a webinar with Tomáš Lukavec: a writer, educator, and businessman who has achieved a successful career in Brand Management, helping his clients to increase sales by developing brand strategies. Tomáš gives workshops, lectures, and seminars to managers of companies such as, KB, OVB, Marks & Spencer, RE/MAX, and T-Mobile, as well as... Read more >
October 10 2020
For many of life’s choices, we depend on search engines and social networks to lead us: what phone to buy, when to get your brakes tested, which restaurant to pick for your birthday dinner. But certain decisions require more than a cursory Google search, and one of them is your MBA concentration.  Of course, you will... Read more >
October 06 2020
After almost two years of research, careful planning, and collaborative work, UNYP is proud to officially launch a new MA in Strategic Communication, together with the University of Bolton.  If your plans for this academic year have changed due to the decreasing flexibility of travel options, or your employment possibilities have changed, and you are wondering what to do from... Read more >


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