August 12 2020
When it comes to fighting climate change, we immediately think of bans on gasoline-powered cars, making tech giants use renewable energy to power their data centers, recycling waste, and generally rethinking humanity’s approach to using natural recourses. Since 2008, the University of New York in Prague has had a recycling policy in... Read more >
July 29 2020
University students worldwide spend a lot of money on textbooks – often textbooks that they only need for part of a program. Printed textbooks tend to be expensive, straining a student’s limited budget, and it is not always possible to buy second-hand textbooks or borrow them from the library, which might push some students to search for illegal ... Read more >
June 18 2020
If you are considering studying for a Master of Science in International Management, you probably already know that this degree will give you a competitive edge and help you to move up the career ladder quickly. A Master of Science in International Management offered by the University of New York in Prague in partnership with the University of Bolton will improve your ability to think... Read more >
June 12 2020
At the beginning of the operating restrictions set in place for universities in the Czech Republic, I had doubts and concerns as to how UNYP would successfully transition to online learning and how the students would fare in this transition. With the Spring semester finished and movement restrictions now lifting within the Czech Republic, there are several impressions I have from observing and... Read more >
May 18 2020
There are thousands of ambitious Czech students who dream of studying in the US, and might now think that the pandemic has ruined their plans. But all is not lost; although these students have seen their study abroad plans interrupted, they still have the opportunity to receive an authentic American education without leaving the Czech Republic. The close partnership between the University of New... Read more >


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