May 15 2020
Over the last few months, the University of New York in Prague has made great efforts in managing the transition from campus to virtual instruction. Considering the circumstances, and the serious nature of events, we did our best to help our students conclude their semester and maintain their UNYP experience, no matter... Read more >
May 08 2020
Many young Czechs who are about to graduate from high school are interested in coming to Prague to study at university. Of all cities in the Czech Republic, Prague is the one with the most international universities, as well as the most programs taught entirely in English. But why should you go in for higher education in English, if you could simply ... Read more >
May 04 2020
The entire community of the University of New York in Prague has been homebound for weeks due to the Covid-19 quarantine. Our students, faculty and staff have put a lot of energy and resources into the transition to virtual learning, teaching and operations, and slowly but surely, we have reached the end of this unusual Spring semester.... Read more >
April 23 2020
Higher education is now a near-essential component of life in the developed world. The job market is more competitive than ever, while economic, social, and environmental conditions are in constant flux. In this high-paced world, young people need guidance and sufficient educational resources to help them reach their career goals. World-class higher education establishments thrive... Read more >
April 07 2020
This year’s pandemic has created significant challenges for people and economies all over the world. The circumstances have put millions of people out of work, because unfortunately many jobs cannot be done from a home office. Of course, a lot of these jobs will come back once we overcome the crisis, but if you... Read more >


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