March 16 2022
Communication is one of the most fundamental life skills, and underestimating its role in communication can have a marked negative effect on people’s lives. The communication process is not purely about talking; non-verbal actions are key for accurately delivering information. So why exactly is communication at the core of every industry? Delivering and exchanging information is a foundation... Read more >
October 29 2021
UNYP is honored to bring TEDxUNYP events every year. This year, we made a big leap forward in all aspects. The TEDxUNYP team felt that this year’s event needed to exceed all expectations because we had to wait 2 years years to host it due to the pandemic.   Mark Anderson, the TEDxUNYP organizer and licensee summarized the event:  “We really brought it this year. TEDxUNYP 2021... Read more >
August 25 2021
We have waited two years to make this announcement: TEDxUNYP 2020 turned into TEDxUNYP 2021, and we will be hosting an event that outdoes all previous UNYP events. The TEDxUNYP team has worked hard to bring the event to UNYP Arena, a venue with more to offer: 500 seats, a variety of supporting events, and more partners and benefits for the attendees. We sat down with Mark Anderson, the man... Read more >
September 25 2020
During the past five years, TEDxUNYP has curated and produced over 40 excellent TEDx talks, with some reaching over 1 million. In anticipation of our next TEDxUNYP event, which will happen on November 21st, we have decided to launch a series of interviews with TEDxUNYP speakers to find out how this experience has impacted their careers and personal lives, and what their current projects and... Read more >
September 16 2019
TEDxUNYP is just around the corner, and this year could not be more exciting!  Our TEDxUNYP community is growing, and this year’s event will be the biggest and best yet. We will have a new venue, larger audiences, TED Circles, new swag and much more!  This July, TEDxUNYP went to Edinburgh, Scotland for the official TED Summit. Our representation at the TED Summit qualified TEDxUNYP... Read more >


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