Quality Assurance

Quality evaluation and quality assurance processes at UNYP are based on:

The processes are founded upon the participation of key internal and external stakeholders, and include the involvement of internationally recognized external accreditors. They are based on the principles of transparency, continuous improvement, and the timely identification and rectification of deficiencies.


Main actors in assuring and evaluating quality

Key areas of responsibility include:

  • The Rector is responsible for the quality of education and related activities at UNYP.
  • The Internal Evaluation Board is responsible for establishing rules for quality evaluation and quality assurance; preparing evaluations of UNYP at the institutional level; and evaluating applications for study programs.
  • Program guarantors are responsible for the quality assurance of study programs. They are assisted in this by the close cooperation of course guarantors and Deans of Schools.
  • External evaluation of quality at UNYP is conducted by the Czech National Accreditation Board (NAU) and by UNYP’s international accreditors: the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). BAC’s evaluation reports of UNYP are found on the BAC website.
  • UNYP publishes summary results of its institutional self-evaluations on the UNYP public website, including a 5-year institutional self-evaluation and annual updates to this. The full self-reports are published to the academic community of UNYP and its constituent boards. A summary evaluation of UNYP’s progress towards its long-term strategic goals is published in each year’s annual report.


Feedback on quality

Key sources of feedback used by UNYP in assuring and evaluating the quality of its activities include:


Source of feedback


Student course evaluations


Each semester in each class

Peer class observation reports

Academic advisors, academic staff of partner universities

Each semester

Entrance survey

New students


Exit survey

Graduating students


Alumni survey


irregular intervals

Staff & facilities survey

Students, academic staff


Study program evaluations

Program guarantors


Student achievement outcomes (business programs)

Dean of School of Business


Operational KPIs

Various sources depending on the operational division


Business Advisory Council meetings

Members of the academic & business communities

Twice per year

External Advisory Board meetings

Experts from the academic, professional, and public spheres

Twice per year

British Accreditation Council

Professional external evaluators of BAC

A full onsite inspection every four years, with an onsite mid-term inspection in between.

International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)

Professional external evaluators of IACBE

A full onsite inspection every ten years


Results of evaluations of quality

Institutional Self-Evaluation Report 2013-2017

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