Bachelor in International Relations: Concentration in Diplomacy and International Law

Prepare for a meaningful career with a Bachelor in International Relations with a Diplomacy and International Law concentration

Diplomacy and International Law have always been interdependent but separate practices. International law is the set of rules and precedents that serve as a binding framework for stable,organized and peaceful international relations, while diplomacy is the process of communication between international actors via the mediation of professional diplomats, who are the official representatives of states and nations, and non-professional actors.

The Diplomacy and International Law concentration at the University of New York in Prague aims to provide students with a solid understanding of the functioning of diplomacy today, and the role of international law in global affairs. Students who study this concentration will obtain the knowledge and develop the skills that are needed for a professional career in areas that are becoming increasingly important in a globalizing world.

To be eligible for the International Relations degree with a Diplomacy and International Law concentration, the student must be enrolled in the State University of New York, ESC and UNYP Dual degree program. To obtain the concentration in Diplomacy and International Law, students must obtain 12 credits (24 ECTS credits) in courses from the list of the concentration subjects; select a topic for the bachelor thesis in a topic related to the concentration focus; and succeed in the Czech State Exam and earning the UNYP bachelor's degree. The name of the concentration will appear in the UNYP Diploma Supplement along with the specification of the Major.

  • Diplomacy and International Law Concentration Courses
    • Democracy and Democratization
    • European Law
    • Foreign Policy Analysis
    • War, Peace and Violence in IR
    • Issue Management & Crisis Communication
    • Special Topics in International Relations (Diplomacy and International Law)
  • Prospective Career Opportunities
    • Diplomat
    • Legal Consultant
    • Politics and Government
    • UN/EU Worker
    • International Law Expert


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