Starting your journey towards studying in English? Check out our English Foundation Program!

Choosing a place to study is a hard task. High school students have many questions when they consider which university to apply for. Which country? Is a private university better than a state one? Is it best to study in English, or in your own language?

If you dream of studying in English, but you do not feel confident about your own English level, we have great news for you. Here at UNYP we offer an English foundation program for our students. 

The University of New York in Prague teaches exclusively in English, and we require students to have a B1 English level so that they can contribute to classes and benefit from the teaching. We want to help future applicants who are interested in studying with us, and therefore we offer prospective students the opportunity to improve their level of English to the point that they can benefit from our degree programs.

Students will be placed in a level determined by their scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, or similar approved and internationally-recognized English language test. Level One students spend fifteen hours in class per week, including six hours of grammar, six hours of reading and writing, and three hours of listening, and are also expected to complete 45 hours of external work per week. Level Two students spend nine hours in class per week, including three hours of grammar, three hours of reading and writing, and three hours of listening, and are also expected to complete 27 hours of external work per week.

The foundation program lasts for one semester, and after finishing the course the student is assigned a “Pass” or “Fail“ by the Registrar’s Office based on the results of the final examination.

Many of our students have completed a foundation program before starting a degree program. We talked to one of them:

“The foundation program helped me a lot because I wanted to study in English, but I did not achieve a sufficient level for admission. The program includes classes in reading, listening, writing and basic grammar. Personally, I think the biggest advantage is that in each of these classes, we constantly communicated on different real-life topics, within the same group of people, and we had an American lecturer who taught with enormous enthusiasm. With this approach, Ms. Jenkins gave us a lot of self-confidence, which was reflected in the improvement of our communication skills (speaking and listening), reductions in the number of errors, and a gradual improvement in writing skills. The lessons were in a very pleasant environment with people from all over the world, so I had to speak in English only, and I was able to learn about new cultures. I evaluate my experience with this program as very positive, and I think that everybody can have a faster, better experience of learning the English language there than on other courses” – Michal Pažák, studying Sports Management. 

If you are considering studying at UNYP but you have doubts about your level of English, learn more about our foundation program. For further questions, contact our Admissions center. 

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