Three Things to Consider before Applying to Study Political Science

Politics is a part of everyday life, even though this may not always seem obvious. We live in a time of constant change: society and human interactions are in flux, the economy has transformed, and many geographical changes have taken place over the past century. In this article, we are going to take a look at three things that you need to consider if you want to study Political Science, and why.

Politics is everything; everything is politics
It is important to understand that during your studies, everything will be seen through a political lens. International conflicts, wars, geographical changes, societal changes – everything can be explained as a cause of political action. During your studies, you will understand the meaning of politics in 21st-century societies, while acquiring analytical skills. The main goal of the academic program is to teach students how to think critically and to understand the roots of 21st-century politics. 

You do not have to become a politician after studying political science
Of course, you can become a politician, but a political science degree will open the door to many other professions. Moreover, most politicians did not study political science; many of them studied economics or law, whether or not they would then go on to use these studies. Although political science is a good base for a career in politics, as you will understand the way in which the government and political system work, being a good politician is about much more than having a degree in a certain area.

Who am I?
For many people, the phrase political scientist does not mean a thing, and so it is important to know what the career possibilities are after your studies. You could work in state administration, for non-governmental organizations, in the office of a political party, in diplomatic service, the media – there are many possibilities for your future career. Check out more prospective career opportunities here.

UNYP offers an American Bachelor’s program in Political Science. Our graduates concur that their Political Science studies gave them a good foundation for finding a future carrier: they acquired oral and written communication skills, learned how to think critically, and developed an understanding of the theoretical framing of political science. You can learn more about our academic program and the benefits of earning an American degree here

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