Graduation: MBA in Marketing, class of 2012
Career: Managing Director, Havas Worldwide Prague

“Some of the biggest benefits of studying at UNYP are the contacts one gains, and the ‚mutually beneficial relations‘. Not just with student colleagues, but also with professors. You meet people here from many countries, you learn from each other and this immensely enriches you.”

Martin Pavlíček (35) first received a Bachelor of Communication & Mass Media at the University of New York in Prague. He then stayed at UNYP to study for a master’s degree in professional communication and PR, and finally crowned his education with an MBA in marketing. Where else but UNYP, of course! And this year Martin is back at UNYP again – this time as a lecturer.

“The circle has closed. I began to teach advanced PR to third and fourth year students in the bachelor’s program. I like to give my experience back to the school,” says Martin, now Senior PR Director at Havas Worldwide Prague and prior to that the Corporate Communications Director with UPC Czech Republic. He understands very well that some of the benefits of studying at UNYP are the contacts one gains, and the “mutually beneficial relations”. For instance, thanks to one of his classmates, he got a tip for his first communication job, in ČEZ, no less. And this influenced his career. During his master’s and MBA studies he had a chance to meet professionals with five or more years of experience in the field, people at management level, including professors. “For example, marketing was taught by a lady connected with Silicon Valley. Such meetings enrich you tremendously,” Martin admits.

From today’s perspective as a teacher, he appreciates the very different study system even more. Compared to Czech universities, where students learn from books and lectures, and evaluation is based on written and oral tests, at UNYP part of studying and evaluating includes discussions with teachers, asking questions and of course team work on task resolution. “On top of that, pupils do not learn only from teachers, but also from one another, teachers from pupils and teachers from teachers. A similar 360-degree model is used for giving feedback to both students and professors. People really prepare for life here. This is how it functions in the workplace,” Martin concludes.

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