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There is no “I” in psychology. You’re not alone.

UNYP Counseling Center is available to help our university students by providing confidential free psychological counseling for various mental health issues, and is run in cooperation with The City Practice. To cope with the pressure and expectations that come with student life, the Counseling Center provides individual counseling, seminars, and workshops to support students in their academic and personal lives.

We can help with:

  • exam stress,
  • adjustment to college life,
  • anxiety/depression,
  • low self-esteem,
  • drug/alcohol problems,
  • presentation anxiety,
  • time management,
  • eating disorders,
  • culture shock,
  • discrimination,
  • and other common student-related mental health issues.

UNYP counselors

Aleksey Lebedev

Taking part in working with Student Counseling Center is a great opportunity for me to gain more practical experience in the field of counseling that I'm personally interested in. It will help me to become skillful and practical in my future carrier. I’m looking forward to work with any student that will require psychological assistance or some advice in problem solving.

Anastasia Papadopoulou

Always seeking the best side of every condition and decision, I would love to work with people that look for personal empowerment and the right path of life for them. I have been very passionate about counselling since it helped me reveal the right life for me some years ago and since then I have been trying to share this unique benefit with others.

Anastassiya Lyalko

My name is Anastassiya Lyalko. Originally from Kazakhstan, but already for 5 years in Czech Republic. This is my last years as a master student, I did my bachelor studies in Empire State College. I do have experience working with children in the hospitals, I also was working with adults, but not in the clinical settings. I strongly believe that  a good counselor is someone, who is non-judgmental, empathetic and self aware ( the one how is able to draw the line between student's experience  and their own), he or she should also be a good listener. My main goal here, in the counseling center is to help student  to open up, cope more effectively with their everyday problems. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to say what is on your mind. And I believe together we can find ways how to help, what to do and make positive changes. Looking forward to meet with you.

Su Luo

I am studying at Masters programme and have done trainings in CBT from Beck institute. I am very interested in playing music and music therapy, I believe art is the best way to communicate with our emotions and to reach better state of selves. and I am very much looking forward to meet you and work with you together through your troubles and obstacles.


City Practice counselors

Lucie Miler

I have experience working as a mentor at a shelter for pregnant teenagers, team leader for a saving mission in the Dominican Republic, coach for an outreach helping at-risk youth, president of a psychology club and others. I am looking forward to getting to know you and helping you alleviate some emotional pain you might feel.

Tomas Rulik

Tomas graduated in Psychology from Charles University in Prague and also studied at Université de Toulouse Le Mirail II in France. Tomas completed his coaching qualification with QED Group, Ltd. Tomas has been working as a coach and a counselling psychologist. He is also interested in negotiation and employee retention.


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The links below will take you to one of our scheduling sites where you will find a calendar for each of your counselors. Name and e-mail fields are marked as required but it is up to you which e-mail you enter. Please just make sure you write it correctly, as you will receive a confirmation of your booking by email. If you cannot make it to the appointment, please use the cancellation link in your appointment confirmation email and give somebody else the chance to come and see us.


Belgická 115/40, 120 00 Prague, 4th floor
(Secondary campus of the University of New York in Prague)

Opening hours:

Monday:11-14 and 16-20
Tuesday:10-13 and 18-21
Wednesday:   11-14 and 18-21
Thursday:9-17 and 18-21


Thank you for using our online scheduling system! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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