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Amit Grinvald, Romania/Israel

“The Business Administration program offers a broad range of subjects which also allow students to specialize in whatever they’re most interested in. My studies at UNYP allowed me to gain not just academic and analytical skills, but also presentation and interpersonal skills which bigger schools simply cannot offer due to their large class sizes. The professors at UNYP come from a diverse, professional background, bringing in their experience to the classroom and incorporating real-world cases into the curriculum. If you’re searching for high quality teaching and personalized learning, UNYP will not let you down.”

Jakub Lukeš, Czech Republic

“I chose UNYP because it offered me the chance to perfect my English language skills and obtain both an American and a European degree at the end of my studies. As a Psychology major, spending several months on an internship in Bohnice Hospital as part of my UNYP studies was a great experience, and helped me in my role as Vice-President of the sychology Club. UNYP’s international reputation became clear when I prepared for further graduate studies, and I am confident that I made a great decision.”

Matouš Janda, Czech Republic

“Small classes (an average of only 18 students), an individual approach and opportunities for practical experience at various companies and institutions really make UNYP special. I just finished a sixmonth internship at the US Embassy, which made my Prague experience all the more interesting.”

Nicole Severinová, Czech Republic

“I was delighted that I could study for an American degree while staying in the Czech Republic. Studying in a school with students from over 65 different nationalities allows for an amazing cultural mix, and we all learn a lot about other cultures during interactions in and out of class. My best friend is from the Seychelles, and my professors are from the States, Ireland and Britain.”

Eliška Nemčková, Czech Republic

“Study at UNYP undoubtedly improved my presentation skills, which were crucial for my position as UNICEF Junior Ambassador for school programs. One of many advantages of having professional and experienced lecturers is that I can now easily apply theories learned in psychology classes to real-life situations. Additionally, on account of UNYP’s cultural diversity among students, I developed lasting friendships with people from all over the world.”

Paulína Vráblová, Slovak Republic

“I decided to study at UNYP based on a friend’s recommendation, and I am very happy here. I like the teaching experience – small groups and an interactive teaching style with plenty of discussions between students. The professors have a lot of practical experience as they have worked in their fields for many years, and now share their know-how and experience with us in class. UNYP’s cultural diversity is great, and I have friends from all over the world. Under the UNYP international program, we can spend a semester abroad studying with one of their accredited partners’ universities – another great benefit. I am a happy UNYPer!”

Justin Punzalan, Philippines

“Prague is one of Europe’s great cultural centers. Experiencing the city for a semester was really magical. UNYP helped me see the academic scene in a more international setting. Going to Prague and studying at UNYP were definitely decisions I won‘t regret.”

Sara Crutcher, USA

“When choosing a city in which to study abroad, there were many options, but one was a clear cut above the rest – Prague. Not only would I get a chance to immerse myself in one of the richest cultures in Europe, but I would be provided with an opportunity to continue my classes at a top-notch school, the University of New York in Prague. If anyone is considering an exchange program, without question, I recommend making your way to the Czech Republic.”

You Hyun Kim, South Korea

“The University of New York in Prague is an international school which has really widened my view of world. I came to Prague with great expectations for a beautiful city where the past coexists with the present. As an exchange student at the University of New York in Prague, I was able to take various types of courses that interested me, and communicate with students from many different countries. It was a great opportunity for me to understand a different and unique culture, especially when doing team projects. I visited many new places in Prague with the friends I made working on the team project, and I will never forget my experiences. I would like to thank Sook-Myung University in Korea and the University of New York in Prague. I hope more students will choose the great education and international experience of the University of New York in Prague.”

Soline Danger, France

“The dual degree is a great opportunity for me. Moreover, because it is an American university, I am surrounded by many native speakers. This experience is great in order to improve another language and to get to know yourself better. I had never been to the Czech Republic before and I wanted this year to be an entirely new experience. I also heard many great recommendations from previous French students of UNYP.”

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